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Medical Needs and Care Plans


There are a number of professionals who will be involved with the medical welfare of the children during their primary school years, but it is you the parent who is in the best position to judge the health of your child.

Please do not send a child to school if you consider that he/she is unwell or has been sick or had diarrhoea during the last 24 hours. We advise that in this case children should stay at home for at least 48 hours after the last bout.

If you wish your child to stay in at play or lunchtime then a doctor’s certificate or note is needed as generally a child who is not well enough to go out and play should not be in school. Exceptions are usually made if it is thought appropriate e.g. broken arm or asthma.

The school needs to know if your child has any particular medical needs. If your child needs to take medication this should be left at the school office, named and with instructions. You will also need to tell the child’s teacher about this. For more serious medical conditions the school needs to draw up a care plan in case emergencies arise. Please make an appointment with the Mrs Smith in order that this can be done immediately.