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Our Governors


What does a school governor do?

Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing. They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children. 
Being a school governor is a commitment to attending governing body meetings which consider issues such as setting the school vision, mitigating financial risk and scrutinising educational outcomes. They are also involved in the school community, acting as critical friends to the headteacher and senior leaders. 
Governors bring a wide range of skills and expertise from their professional lives to the governing board and schools benefit greatly from working with skilled volunteers, for example anyone with experience of finance, law, premises management or human resources. A governor with business know-how can transform the running of a school.

Core governor responsibilities

Setting the strategic direction

Governing bodies are the key strategic decision makers in every school. Along with the Head Teacher, it is the job of a governing body to set the school’s aims and objectives around how the school will develop and improve. They set policies, formulate plans and agree targets to help the school achieve these objectives, as well as regularly reviewing their strategic framework in light of that progress.

Creating robust accountability

The governing body is there to support and challenge the school’s senior leadership team. They play a crucial role in holding the Head Teacher to account for securing the best possible outcomes for pupils. Governor accountability includes challenging key decisions and asking pertinent questions about the school’s performance data including policies. Governors delegate operational management of the school and daily processes to the Headteacher. Governors aim to support and develop high standards in education. 

Ensuring financial probity

Governing bodies have a strategic role in the financial management of schools. Their key responsibilities include, setting financial priorities through the school development plan, 3 year financial plan and the annual budget. They also decide on how the school’s delegated budget should be spent in accordance with the school improvement plan and statutory curriculum requirement.

How do Governing Bodies work?

Governors work together to provide independent oversight of the management and operation of a school, with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards. A school’s governing body does not run the school on a day-to-day basis; this is the job of the Head Teacher and other senior staff.

Governing body meetings

Full governing body meetings are normally held twice a term and whilst there are many important aspects of the role, the most important is the business that takes place at these meetings.

School visits

Governing bodies are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of a school and its curriculum. School visits will help governors to understand more about their school and the reality of school life. Governor visits are not a form of inspection but serve as a clear monitoring function on the implementation of the school’s strategic planning.

Committee meetings

A governing body is required to have certain statutory committees but may also wish to establish other committees. Most governors are members of one or two committees, whose work is reported back to the full governing body. This is so all governors are kept informed of matters and working progress. Typical committees include Personnel, Curriculum, Premises, and Finance.

Governors work together to provide independent oversight of the management and operation of a school, with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards. A school’s governing body does not run the school on a day-to-day basis; this is the job of the Head Teacher and other senior staff.

Reading & Agenda

Prior to meetings, governors will receive an agenda, a copy of the minutes from the previous meeting and any other relevant papers that are to be discussed. It is recommended that they take time to read and familiarise themself with these documents prior to the meeting. Make notes of anything they are unsure of so they can ask questions at the meeting if necessary.

Why become a governor?

Being a school governor is a chance to experience leadership at board level at any point in one’s career. Governors balance the school’s budget, hire the headteacher and make strategic decisions. The role provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and hone skills such as negotiation, influencing and teamwork.
Volunteers need to be dedicated people who care about improving education, but they do not need prior board experience. It makes the role perfect for professionals looking to improve their business and leadership skills, give back to society and enhance children’s futures.

Commitment involved

Term of Office - most governor appointments are for a term of four years.

Liability - governors are not individually liable. Liability is collective and held by the governing body as a whole.

Time - governors are expected to attend 6 full governing body meetings during the school year. Some preparation is required for these meetings and these meetings are held during the school day. Other involvement such as ad hoc panels and learning walks are not complusory to attend, but we would strongly recommend you attend as many as possible to maximise your impact as a school governor.

Governor vacancies

We currently have one governor vacancy at St Michael's Church School:

  • Parent governor

This role will be advertised and appointed once school returns following COVID19 Closure.

How to contact our governors

To contact our governors please click here.

Chair of Governor's - Mrs Jenny Farnham

Foundation Governor

Term of Office: 03.10.2019 - 03.10.2023

Nominated Governor for Safer Recruitment and Headteacher Performance Review



Vice Chair of Governor's - Reverend Andrew Avery 

Foundation Governor

Term of Office: 30.01.2020 - 30.01.2024

Nominated Governor for Collective Worship and SEND



Headteacher Governor - Rebecca Smith

Headteacher Governor

Term of Office: 05.09.2018 - Present






Foundation Governor - Vacancy

Foundation Governor

Term of Office:  




Staff Governor - Heidi Carter 

Miss Carter

Staff Governor

Term of Office: 07.03.2019 - 06.03.2023




Getting to know Heidi Carter

My name is Heidi Carter, I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 3 and also the MSA Lead at Lunchtime. I have been at St Michael's since the school first opened and have seen the school grow and develop, 

I love spending time with my 2 teenage boys, enjoy going to the cinema and visiting new cities. I also love to read .

I became a staff governor to help with improving the standards throughout the school .

Foundation Governor - Kajsa Gemmell


Foundation Governor

Term of Office: 14.03.2019 - 13.03.2023

Nominated governor for Collective Worship and SEND.


Getting to know Kajsa Gemmell

Why I became a Governor: 

My passion is education and for it to be engaging for all ages - to keep learning from each other, sharing our gifts and to nurture the leaders of the future. 

When asked what is the secret to a happy healthy life and attitude, most agree that it is from having a faith to lean on through thick and thin, alongside a thankful outlook - an attitude of gratitude. 

Being a Foundation Governor at St Michael’s is one way for me to directly express my gratitude to God for leading me on the path of faith and truth & to help support our local community to grow in thankfulness and service to each other.


I attend the school’s associated church, St Michael’s and All Angels, on Mace Road in Stanground, behind the Tesco metro. There we hold Holy Communion services on Sundays with additional activities for primary aged children. You can usually find me either helping with a craft for the very young at the back, or up at the front as an occasional preacher.  It’s a fairly informal style of worship where all are welcome so please do come and join us. 

In the past I’ve represented Cambridgeshire at target archery. It’s great fun to do and is a good way to get some fresh air and exercise in a social setting. Archery is also quietly meditative and a place to be still and know God. 

Every evening I prayerfully reflect back on the day to see where God was at work in my life and simply resting in God’s presence, knowing that each of us is loved fully by God, whatever course the day has taken. 

Foundation Governor - Reverend Carol Avery 

Foundation Governor

Term of Office: 05.12.2019 - 04.12.2023




Getting to know Rev'd Carol Avery

Just over a year ago I moved to Stanground and Farcet from Greenhithe and Stone, near Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. I am a Pioneer priest (Vicar) in the Church of England and am so delighted to be a governor at St Michaels School. 

I am married to Andrew, also a Vicar here. I’m mum to six children and also have a three grandchildren, two dogs and two rescue cats. We love spending time with family and friends, and we love music and Disney!

My passion is to see children and adults reach their potential in life. Over the last 4 years I have formed a charity called ‘Marys Child’ that supports children and families who find themselves in any difficulty of any kind , and seeks to provide practical help as well as pastoral care. 

Authority Governor - Mikala Dainter

 Authority Governor

Term of Office: 12.03.2020 - 11.03.2024




Getting to know Mikala Dainter

I am Mikala, I live in Oundle with my husband Antony, my son Joseph and Paddy the dog.  I love the outdoors and in my free time you would find me out on the river Nene, kayaking or long walks with Paddy around the lovely countryside.  As a family we also love to support charities that have an wildlife or environmental theme.  My son has us doing lots of challenges like walking the 3 peaks and such like to raise awareness and money.

I run my own consultancy company with my husband and we work with businesses large and small through significant changes.  My specialism is understanding a strategy and making sure that the right people, processes and technology are in place and that this can be measured to ensure success.

Parent Governor - Trevor Bragg

  Parent Governor

Term of Office: 12.03.2020 - 11.03.2024




Foundation Governor - Bongani Matjeke

  Foundation Governor


Term of Office: 17.12.2021 - 17.12.2025





Parent Governor - Scott Lloyd

  Parent Governor

Term of Office: 17.12.2021 - 17.12.2025





Foundation Governor - Vacancy


Clerk to the Governors - Laura Franks

Clerk to Governors

Employed by St Michael's Church School.




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