Year 3

7-8 year olds

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2 and our Year 3 class.

Welcome to Year 3!

During the Summer term, much of our learning will be centred around our Ancient Greece theme. In Literacy, we will be exploring some of the famous Greek myths, such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus. After studying some of the features of these myths, we will write our own epic Greek adventure!

Maths lessons this term will see us looking at different ways to present data. We will interpret information contained within pictograms, bar charts and tables, before discussing when it is most appropriate to use each of the different graphs.

In Geography, we will be using atlases to locate Greece, and maps to find the country’s physical features- its cities, mountains and rivers. We will consider the location of ancient Greece’s two most famous city states, Athens and Sparta, and discover how their geography affected their attitudes toward the outside world.

Our other Theme lessons will look at life in ancient Greece. The children will find out about the enormous contribution the ancient Greeks made to the modern world, in fields such as science, maths, sport and culture.

As part of our theme, we will be experiencing life in Ancient Greece in our Greek Day in school on Friday 22nd June!

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We have an experienced and skillful staff team who share responsibility for all pupils.
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