Year 4

8-9 year olds

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2 and our Year 4 class.

Welcome back to another term with year 4.

Our theme ‘Sabre-tooth Tigers, Woolly Mammoths and Early Man’ takes us on a journey through time from the Early Stone Age to the Iron age. Our virtual journey will begin in Happisburgh on the North Norfolk coast over 800, 000 years ago. We will explore the Cave paintings in Lascaux and we will learn how innovative tools transformed people’s lives from hunters to farmers.  After half term and a trip to Flag Fen, we will begin to consider different prehistoric settlements and monuments such as Stonehenge, Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands and finally our thoughts will return home to the Bronze Age settlement at Must Farm near Whittlesey which was inhabited around 3000 years ago.

In Maths our focus will be formal written methods for addition and subtraction. We will endeavour to learn ALL our times tables and link multiplication and division facts. We will build on fluency and problem solving through a range of practical tasks and investigations.

In English we will be writing a portal story with our main character traveling back to the Stone Age. We will also be writing instructions for washing a Woolly Mammoth – essential information to consider, should you meet our new Year 4 mascot - Malcolm.

Meet Our Team

We have an experienced and skillful staff team who share responsibility for all pupils.
Mrs Mee
Mrs MeeClass
Mrs Bond
Mrs BondClass
Miss Benson
Miss BensonClass
Mrs Czarmkowska-Karpus
Mrs Czarmkowska-KarpusTeaching Assistant
Mrs Kelley
Mrs KelleyTeaching Assistant
Mrs Morgan-Godfrey
Mrs Morgan-GodfreyTeaching Assistant

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Mrs Rebecca Smith

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