Year 4

8-9 year olds

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2 and our Year 4 class.

Our theme for the first this term is Early Islamic Civilisation. We will learn about the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and compare the spread of Christianity and the Islamic faith. Children will learn about some of the cities that were built and consider the styles of art and architecture.

We will focus on developing our maps skills, naming countries around the world, especially those linked with global trade networks. We will use OS maps and grid references recognising how to use symbols and keys as we learn about the physical features of the coastline around Britain.

In science we will start the term learning about electrical circuits, conductors and insulators. We will then focus on the classification of plants and animals, looking at different habitats and then consider the environmental impact we have on our environment.

We are now into our final term of learning the JSax which will culminate with our performance at Kingsgate on 10th July. We do hope to be able to share some of the music from our repertoire with parents later in the term.

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We have an experienced and skillful staff team who share responsibility for all pupils.
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