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Roles and Responsibilities

Philippians 3:17

'Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do'. 

At St Michael's Church School, we value our children and believe it is important to prepare them for their future. This means offering them opportunities to have important roles and responsibilities throughout their time with us.

Our Year 6 have several very important roles in our school. We have a Head Boy, Liam and Girl, Anisha who hold the most prestigious roles. They will lead and support our Future Leaders Committee. Liam and Anisha are a role models to all of the children in school, showing other children how living by the school values and rules help you to become great people.  

Our Deputy Head Boy, Joshua and Head Girl, Freya also have an important role leading our Eco Council. They help to ensure that our school is making better choices in terms of making sure our world has a future. They will be leading the members of the council, nominated by their classes to ensure our school is a happy, environmentally friendly place to be.

The Year 6 children also have a variety of other roles and responsibilities in our school. See below for the additional jobs our wonderful children help to support and lead.  

Meet our House Captains. These children lead the House Teams, support their members and encourage their team to achieve as many merits as possible. The children are responsible for collecting the weekly merit tokens and sharing the good news of the totals and weekly winners in Collective Worship on a Friday.   

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Meet our Play Mediators. These children help to ensure Lunchtime and Playtimes run smoothly, giving the children ideas for games and providing resources for the children to play with. These children are always happy and will support children to enjoy their time together outside during the good weather days and inside during the bad weather days. Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the moment the children are currently limited to the ways in which they can help, but they are responsible for making sure the equipment is ready to be used throughout the school and resources are safe for the meantime.  

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Meet our Lunchtime Helpers Team. The children in this team make a big difference to the lunchtime hall. They help the children to carry their trays, pour drinks, open packets, clear the tables and guide our younger children to where they should be. A valuable addition to our lunchtimes. 

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Meet our Tech Team. These children help to ensure everything technical is back where it should be, search for missing items and ensure the equipment is charged ready for the next classes in the afternoon. They massively support our Computing Lead teachers.

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Meet our Librarians. These children help to organise, support children, log books in and out on our system and make sure the library is a clean, tidy and inviting environment. If you are looking for a specific book, these children will be able to help you find what you are looking for. 

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The Year 2 and 5 children are asked if they would like to be Collective Worship Leaders. These children play an integral part of our time together thinking about God. They help to establish a welcoming environment, remind us of why we are together, model signs for choral worship and lead our prayer time. 


Each class are invited to nominate a Future Leader, Eco School Councillor and Maths Ambassador. The children have to tell their class why they should be voted for and how they can make a difference to the school. A vote system is put into place and then the child who wins is invited to then take on this important role. You will be able to spot our children leaders in school because they will be wearing a badge with their role title on.