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Year 6 Leavers 2020-21

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up" Thessalonians 5:11

We celebrated our 2020-21 Year 6 Cohort in style this year. We went to St John's Church in Stanground for our Award Ceremony and the sun shone beautifully down upon the amazing Year 6 children who would be moving into Secondary School from September.  

During the ceremony, we raised our voices in celebration through singing and recognised the children who had made the biggest achievement or recognition for their contributions to St Michael's Church School. The awards were nominated by Staff and Governors and were presented by our wonderful Headteacher Mrs Smith and our Reverends Andrew and Carol.

The children were individually celebrated in Church and they received two trophies. One of the trophies will be returned to school for display in our 'Celebration Trophy Cabinet' and the other trophy the children could keep at home for their memory. We are so extremely proud of all our Year 6 children however these children deserved special recognition for their hard work, dedication and outstanding character.


Well done to Charlie - Mathematics Award.

Charlie was always a shining star in Maths lessons. He demonstrated all the skills needed for an excellent mathematician including perseverance, determination and independence. When faced with a problem, he would apply his prior learning and initiative to find the solution. We are all so impressed with his mature learning attitude and thrilled with the progress he made in this subject. Congratulations Charlie. 


Well done to Larissa - Readers Award.

With a passion for reading, Larissa would often be found lost in a book. Both in and out of reading lessons, she always strived to deepen her understanding. Her hard work in reading lessons resulted in fantastic progress in both reading and writing. Larissa was a fantastic reading role model to the year group and everyone will miss her thoughtful contributions. Well done Larissa. 


Well done to Lucy - Writer's Award.

As a writer, Lucy exhibited great imagination and creativity in abundance. She always endeavoured to improve her writing whether it be by searching for more interesting vocabulary or using higher-level punctuation accurately. As a result of this, her writing has developed, and she produced some excellent pieces of work to a higher standard. We hope she continues to develop this talent and enthusiasm. Lucy, we cannot wait to see your name in print in the future. 


Well done to Julia - Handwriting Award.

In every piece of work, Julia is a shining example if immaculate presentation. She would take immense pride in her work, and it always stands out from the crowd due to her diligence and attention to detail. Congratulations Julia. 



Well done to Wiktor - Arts Award.

Although a quieter member of the class, Wiktor astounded the whole school with his role as a brother in our school production of Joseph. A naturally confident performer, he lit up the stage with his dynamic and charismatic performance. It was joy to see his enthusiasm and hope he continues to pursue a career in drama. 


Well done to Humberto - Sports Award.

As a true sportsman, Humberto attacks every sport with a sense of fair play and natural talent. He takes every opportunity to learn and develop a new skill and works brilliantly as part of a team. He has a real flair for football and was a valuable member of our school football team. We hope he makes the most of the sporting opportunities offered in Secondary school and we look forward to hearing about your future successes. 


Well done to Brooke - Effort and Progress Award.

Brooke has been an inspirational member of the year group this year. She has shown such commitment to her learning and the progress she has made impressed everyone in school. In everything she does, she puts 100% effort and tackles every task with a smile on her face. We are so proud of her effort and conscientious attitude. We know she will reach her full potential and cannot wait to hear about her achievements in Secondary School. 


Well done to Carlyle - Endeavour Award.

Determined, conscientious, committed: Carlyle consistently exhibits our school values. Whether learning from home or in the classroom, he always impressed, always persevered and always tried his best. Amongst his peers, he is an excellent role model and is a well liked and respected member of the year group. With such a wonderful attitude to learning and towards people, we are sure that Carlyle will flourish in the future. 


Well done to Syzmon - Stanground Churches Award for 'Super Citizen'

Szymon is a wonderful role model who can be relied upon to make the right choices and set an example to his peer group. His mature attitude towards learning and the wider school day as benefited some of his peer group and in turn, has helped them to make the right choices. We are sure that if he continues with this brilliant attitude to school, the world will be his oyster. 


Well done to Leah for being our ultimate 'Lead Learner'

No matter the subject, Leah always strives to be the best she can be and is a shining example to all of her peers. her outstanding attitude towards learning has resulted in her outstanding achievements this year. It has been a pleasure to see Leah blossom, The future is most definitely bright for Leah. 


We wish our Class of 2021 all the best in their adventures as they continue their education ladder at their chosen Secondary Schools.