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Black Lives Matter Movement

At St Michael's Church School, we believe everybody matters and we are all children of God. However, in response to the media and events during 2021, we decided we needed to look into the Black Lives Matter Movement and Black History Month as a school. We took the opportunity to learn about famous people in the past whom have overcome adversity due to the colour of their skin or their background. One of our children wrote a poem in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement:


Can somebody help me I don’t understand

Why are they killing an innocent man

I never really knew they did this before 

Ordinary people being shot to the floor 

Mum had to explain what this was about 

Some people hate colour is what I found out 

How did this start I ask every night?

400 years of this kind of fight 

Why does it matter the colour of your skin?

I need some answers, who made it begin 

This needs to stop, we end this soon 

We cannot let racism resume 

The protesters are there just look at the crowd

All humans together we stand up proud

Police should protect not hurt and kill 

Black lives matter and they always will