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Our Vision

Our School motto has always been 'Be The Best You Can Be' since the school opened in 2012. The children who first started in our school became the best examples of this and as result future generations have continued to live through this motto.

In 2018, we added our Biblical Verse to ensure the roots of our teaching lay in the Bible and Jesus.

As a school, we chose Colossians 3:23 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord'.  This verse embraces our everyday life as God's children, where we work hard for Him everyday and do it with all our heart, therefore being the best we can be. 

We asked our children what our school vision meant and looked like in practice, this is what they said:

Early Years said: We come to school to learn and want to learn. We try our best, always!

Hedgehogs Y1 said: We sit nicely on the floor and concentrate so we can learn. We must work very hard, always trying our best. We should listen to our teachers and adults. We should pray to God. We must eat healthily so we have a good brain. We always concentrate on our own work and writing. We will try and earn lots of merits.

Foxes Y2 said: We try hard, follow the school rules, be kind and help others, listen to instructions, be respectful, complete our learning, never give up, try new things, show others how to behave.

Badgers Y2 said: We should always listen to the teacher. We have to believe in yourself. We must concentrate and try our hardest. Being the best means persevering and listening to one another.  

Kingfishers Y3 said: We work hard, listen to each other and adults. We never give up on tricky tasks, and we help others and ourselves. Our school vision means being respectful to adults and children and being fully focused.

Owls Y6 said: We set ourselves realistic goals. We work hard and never give up. 

Eagles Y6 said: We will listen to one another, we show respect and are helpful to others. We are kind and compassionate to one another. We are responsible for the school and ourselves. We should always persevere and show resilience which will mean we will reach our potential and beyond.