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Super Citizen of the Year Award

The Stanground Churches present an award each year to the Year 6 child who is the model pupil in terms of their behaviour, attitude and relationship with others.

The child who receives the award is a glowing example of being 'Uniquely and wonderfully made'. They are the child who other children should look up to. 

Every fortnight, each individual class teacher will nominate one child in their class to be celebrated for their citizenship over the 2 weeks. This award however is given to the Year 6 pupil at the end of the year for being the ultimate citizen during their time at our school.

The children who have received this honour are:

2021: Szymon

Szymon is a wonderful role model who can be relied upon to make the right choices and set an example to his peer group. His mature attitude towards learning and the wider school day as benefited some of his peer group and in turn, has helped them to make the right choices. We are sure that if he continues with this brilliant attitude to school, the world will be his oyster.