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'God looked at everything he had made, and it was very good" Genesis 1:31. 

At St Michael's Church School, we use Understanding Christianity to support the teaching and learning of RE. The whole school will learn about God's Creation, from Reception learning about who God is and what He did, to Year 4 learning about the Fall of Humanity and all the way to Year 6 questioning how Genesis and Psalm 8 sits with Scientific and others viewpoints?

The majority of the school will start the year with the Creation unit except from Year 5 who will be studying the unit alongside the Science Planets and the Solar System topic after Christmas. 

Our curriculum allows children to learn about God's creation through a question based learning objective and their learning and understanding is deepened the following year. 

Reception: Why is the word 'God' so important to Christians?

Year One and Two: Who made the World?

Year Three and Four: What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?

Year Five and Six: Creation or Science: Conflicting or Complimentary?

Please enjoy looking at the samples of work and photographs of our children working hard studying the theme 'Creation'.  Scroll down the page to find examples from Y1 to Y6.

Year 1 - Looking at God's wonderful world - What can we see that God has made?

Year 1 - The Creation story according to Genesis

Year 1 - Why should we be thankful to God? What has he made for us?

Year 1 - How did God design the world? Paint pot artwork inspired by Emma Yarlett 

Year 3 - Shades of Green in God's world - How clever is God?

Year 3 - Puzzle Cubes - What is life like without instructions? Why do Christians have the Bible?

Year 3 - Now Press Play - What is so wonderful about God's world? 

Year 4 - Adam and Eve - Religious Play

Year 5 - Walk through the Bible 

Year 5 - Who made God? Enrichment session

Year 6 - Psalm 8 - Scripture through Art - Stained Glass Windows