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Transfiguration of Jesus

As part of the Incarnation Digging Deeper unit, our Year 6 pupils learnt about the Transfiguration of Jesus.

The children were asked to create an image to represent this time in Jesus' life, thinking about his appearance as described in the Bible as a 'glorified state' and who was with him during the event.

Below are a few examples of work by the children to show Matthew 17:1–9 /Luke 9:28–36 gospel.

From their work:

Can you tell from the drawings which Prophets were present?

Can you see if any of Jesus' disciples were present? What happened to them?

Can you see Jesus in his glorified state? What do you think that means?

Which prophecies do you think about coming true about the Messiah?

How is God feeling at his moment in his son's life?