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Extra Curricular Clubs

At St Michael's Church School we believe children should have access to clubs outside of the normal school day.  With this in mind we offer many afterschool clubs for children to sign up to and attend.

Afterschool clubs for the Spring term have now begun and will run through till Thursday 24th March. Clubs are limited to 30 children per club.

Unfortunately we are unable to allow children to join midway through the term.

Yr 4,5 & 6 Football - Monday 3.00 -4.15pm

Yr 4, 5 & 6 Girls Football - Monday 3.00 -4.15pm

Yr 1 & 2 Multi-Sports - Monday 3.00 -4.15pm

Yr 1,2 & 3 Gymnastics - Tuesday 3.00 -4.15pm

Yr 2,3 & 4 Hockey - Tuesday 3.00 -4.15pm

Yr 4,5 & 6 Dodgeball - Thursday 3.00 -4.15pm


 Covid Social Distancing Guidelines will be adhered to in all clubs. The bubbles will not be mixed. As in school, the expectations are that behaviour must be excellent. If this is not adhered to,   children will be asked to leave the club.