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Community and Living Well Together

‘For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them’ Matthew 18:20

At St Michael’s Church School, we are focusing our collective worship on a project about ‘God’s plan for your wellbeing’. The project will help our children to learn about mental, physical, emotional, relational, financial, vocational and spiritual wellbeing through the Bible stories of Elijah. Through the stories about Elijah, we hope to cover our school values of responsibility, faith and respect.  

At St Michael’s, we teach and support the children how to practice forgiveness and reconciliation. This is supported through the teachings and life of Jesus during collective worship. Our school behaviour policies focus on the positive behaviours and developing a positive mind set. Our reflection lunchtime zone allows children to think about any negative choices, to reflect, forgive and reconcile. Our pupils know and feel they always have a second chance and tomorrow is a new day. Our children are happy children and demonstrate our school values each and every day.

As part of developing our school community, we ask our children to take on responsibilities and leadership roles. They include Reception buddies when they start school, IT support team, School council representatives, Head boy and girl. Recently, we created a worship leader team with an outstanding 38 children in our year 5 classes opting to help lead and be role models during our collective worship. We are so proud of these incredible children wanting to become ‘models of faith’ as Jesus taught us in Luke’s gospel.

At St Michael’s, the staff feel hugely responsible for the care and development of all our pupils. They work together well to ensure there is a team approach to supporting children. As a staff we have huge aspirations for them and seek many different opportunities to extend the variety of activities, skills and WOW moments , we can offer them.