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Reception - Caterpillar

Mrs Turner
Miss McMullon






Welcome to Caterpillar

Hello, We are the Caterpillar’s! We are a class that are full of happiness, honesty, learning and fun! We are great at learning through play. We explore, investigate, solve and question what is happening around us and we achieve this through play (continuous provision). We provide lots of open ended activities where the children have the freedom to take ownership of their learning and lead it wherever they would like to.


Every Friday at 2:30 we host Family Fun Phonics where all parents, carers, guardians, childminders, family friends, nanny’s and grandad come to enjoy half an hour of fun learning all based on phonics. We use this as a session to recap the sounds we have already learnt.

In Reception this year we have given ourselves a challenge to write more and also write neatly ensuring our presentation looks neat and tidy.

By the end of Reception children should be able to write simple sentences, which are phonetically decodable and which can be read by themselves and others. They can spell some words correctly too. The children can read sentences which include sounds from phase 2-4 phonics and comprehend what they are reading. The children should be able to use numbers to 20 confidently such as adding, subtracting, doubling and halving and answering word problems practically to solve them. They should be able to also use everyday language related to shape, space and measure.