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Nurture Team

Mrs Nugent
  Miss Sanders


     Mrs Mold


Mrs Hibbitt    


.Welcome to the Nurture team,

The Rainbow Room is a happy safe place where children have the opportunity to grow, become engaged and be successful independent learners. We have a well-planned structure, and predictable routines which helps the children to feel safe and secure with familiar trusted adults. We work on consistency, positive reinforcements and praise, this helps to boost confidence, self-esteem and improve the children’s social skills.

The Rainbow Room offers fun and child-centred activities that enables children to learn through play as well as carefully planned classwork that meets the children’s individual needs.

The Six Principles of Nurture

·       Children’s learning is understood developmentally

·       The importance of Nurture for the development of well-being

·       All behaviour is communication

·       The classroom offers a safe base

·       Language is a vital means of communication

·       The importance of transition in children’s lives