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在 2018-2019 学年,我们的第四批 6 年级学生参加了 11 岁学生的全国考试。  今年的成绩延续了我们的上升趋势,是学校迄今为止取得的最好成绩 - 这是所有参与者的辛勤工作、奉献精神和爱心的证明。 


再一次,我们为学生们的表现感到无比自豪。 自从加入我们以来,他们知道自己努力工作,做好了充分的准备,并为自己取得的成就而从容应对。学校家庭——他们中的许多人只和我们在一起很短的时间。

以下是我们学校官方成绩的总结以及与其他学校的比较。更多信息也可以在 DfE 性能表和 OfSTED 报告中找到。

DFE 性能表

关键阶段 2 结果 2019 结束

在关键阶段 2(6 年级)结束时,有 30 名学生上榜,每个学生占 3%。 在当地和更远的地方就读其他学校——一些来自其他国家。

* 达到要求标准的学生百分比。


St. Michael's 的成绩(达到的标准)高于彼得伯勒平均水平,与全国平均水平一致。我们学生的平均评分为 104(预期标准为 100)。临时进展措施表明我们符合全国平均水平。


圣迈克尔远高于彼得伯勒和全国平均水平。我们学生的平均评分为 107(预期标准为 100)。临时进步措施表明我们高于彼得伯勒和全国平均水平。


圣迈克尔远高于彼得伯勒和全国平均水平。我们学生的平均评分为 107(预期标准为 100)。临时进步措施表明我们高于彼得伯勒和全国平均水平。


写作基于教师评估,并且在与彼得伯勒的其他同事进行内部审核和外部审核会议后做出判断。 St. Michael's 略高于全国平均水平。




我们在阅读、写作和数学方面的进步措施和综合成绩均高于 DfE 底线目标——目前设定为 67%。


我们的两名学生在所有领域(阅读、写作和数学)的总和上达到了更高的标准(110 分或更高的比例分数)。

End of Key Stage 1 Results 2023

At the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) there were 60 pupils on roll with each pupil representing just under 2%.

* Percentage of pupils reaching the required standard.

National and Local Comparisons

In 2023, St. Michael’s performed below Peterborough and national averages in Mathematics Reading and Writing.

We performed below the national averages for those pupils working at greater depth.

Phonics Results for 2023

Achievement in the phonics screening test at the end of Year 1 continues to be good with improved results compared to 2022.

* Percentage of pupils reaching the required standard.

National and Local Comparisons

Phonics results in 2023 were above the National Averages.

Little Wandle forms the core of the phonics teaching and progression. 

EYFS Results for 2023

Pupils are deemed to have reached a good level of development at the end of the EYFS (Reception Year) if they have achieved at least the expected level in the early learning goals in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language).

Good Level of Development (GLD) 70%

* Percentage of pupils reaching the required standard.

As a PiXl school we carry out our own internal assessments. Over the past 2 years we have regularly assessed our children, across years 1 to 6, on Reading, SPaG and Maths.

Whilst teaching we assess and evaluate across all year groups and have continued to assess our children's writing at the end of each unit and in line with national expectations. This also helps increase our own knowledge of our children.

Internal Assessments

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