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Premio sportivo

"The Sports Premium è [assegnato alle scuole] per finanziare miglioramenti aggiuntivi e sostenibili alla fornitura di educazione fisica e sport al fine di incoraggiare lo sviluppo di stili di vita sani e attivi".

DFE 2015

As a school we use our Sports premium funding to purchase PE CPD, provide government intiatives, resources, transport and services. We develop teachers' skills, confidence and expertise across all Key Stages to ensure that we can deliver high quality PE and Sports provision to all of our pupils.

Our intention is that improvements in teaching and organisation of PE at our school are embedded and sustained. We provide access to sporting events and festivals including inclusive events.

Due to covid we have used the sports premium to complete swimming interventions to try and achieve a higher percentage of children being able to swim 25m confidently when they complete year 6. We provide children with PE and sensory breaks to support them to access mainstream education. We also try and provide as many extra-curricular and active before clubs as possible.


We strive to ‘be the best we can be’ in all walks of life in St Michael’s Church school trying to make as much of the school day active.

Miss E McMullon

Miss E McMullon

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