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Collective Worship This Term


Our  Collective Worship this Summer term is based on 'Heroes of the Bible'. We will be travelling through the Old Testament looking at why God chose special individuals to look after His people. We will be using Bob Hartman's Rhyming Bible to enhance our storytelling scripture and looking at ways to involve the children including acting, freeze framing, game playing and participating in leading parts of our church school family time together. Some of the heroes chosen are Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Deborah and Queen Esther. We will conclude our theme with the ultimate saviour - I wonder who that could be?

Our 'Celebration' Collective Worship this term will follow a biweekly plan - the odd numbered weeks will be celebrating our Lead Learners and the even numbered weeks will be celebrating our Super Citizens. The Lead Learner award celebrates achievement, effort and academic achievement - following our vision. The Super Citizen award celebrates the values, friendships and the ability to function as a good human being within our school - following the school rules. At the end of this year, we will also be awarding the Ely Diocese Courageous Advocate of the Year looking back at all of our Super Citizens to help us make that big decision. Watch this space...

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