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Mr Sinclair

Subject Leader


“The intent of our computing curriculum is to deliver high-quality lessons that inspire all pupils to confidently interact with a range of technology.

We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop confidence and respect when using technology which will have implications for their wider lives.

We want to provide opportunities to design, evaluate and problem solve and apply skills across multiple platforms that will help to embed our values such as resilience and respect.”


At St Michael’s Church School, we teach computing skills in line with the revised National Curriculum. In today’s world; technology is developing rapidly and has the ability to change and enhance our lives. To ensure we are teaching our pupils skills that are relevant to this fast-paced evolution; we use a skill-based curriculum to ensure they can adapt what they have learnt to new technologies. 


Pupils at St Michael’s Church School are taught to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Algorithms and programming

  • Information technology

  • Digital literacy

Pupils use a variety of programmes that range from built in software to online content. Each year group uses programmes that are suitable for their age, ability and skill set.

We encourage pupils to become practical, independent problem solvers when using the computers and use Computing to enhance other areas of the curriculum. Application of technology is both in our discrete teaching sessions, where we are learning about particular software and hardware, and within other curriculum sessions, where for example we use this for design or to help us research a topic. 



At St Michael’s Church School the safety and wellbeing of our pupils is paramount. We teach pupils strategies that enable them to respond to inappropriate content and use familiar social media platforms to demonstrate how to report concerns they have about content and comments. Above all, we aim to teach our pupils to be thoughtful, caring citizens who have an awareness of their online presence and an understanding that digital content and the impact is as real as putting pen to paper.

To support with our online safety content, we are working to become a certified school with National Online Safety. They have regular updates regarding new platforms and social media outlets the pupils are using and have advice for both teachers and parents/carers. Please use the link attached to be taken to their website.   


Our Computing Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and planned to demonstrate progression. If children are on track with curriculum expectations, they are deemed to be making good or better progress. Outcomes in Computing digital files evidence a  broad and balanced Computing Curriculum. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Reflecting on standards achieved against the planned outcomes;

  • Children retaining knowledge that is pertinent to Computing;

  • Children’s enjoyment of Computing lessons and keenness to find out more about the elements of our Computing Curriculum;

  • Evidence of work showing a range of topics covered, cross curriculum links and differentiated work;

  • High standards in Computing that match standards in other subjects such as English and Maths;

  • Frequent subject leader learning walks, observations, digital file evidence and staff training ensures teachers knowledge and understanding of Computing remains up to date

  • SLT are kept informed through feedback from moderation, subject reports and annual subject action plans as well as classroom drop ins and observations and meetings with our Governors.

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