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Music Tuition

At St. Michael’s, we believe that all children should be inspired by music and that every pupil has the right to a high quality music education. We recognise that good quality music education contributes considerable musical and non-musical benefits to pupils and make sure that pupils from all backgrounds and all abilities are able to join in and experience music and music-making. We aim for children to develop a love of music, developing intrinsic musical skill, knowledge and understanding.

Lessons are planned across every year group to complement and enhance the topic based curriculum of the school.

What’s happening this term?

It’s a new school year so what better time to be thinking about a learning a new skill?

At St Michaels we offer a range of musical opportunities for your child to learn an instrument, have fun and enhance their creativity. Children who learn an instrument gain self-confidence and social skills as well as improving academic achievement across the curriculum. They can also bring their instrument into school music lessons to compose, accompany and improvise with.

Beginning this year we have a professional flautist, Holly Cook, who will be offering lessons on flute, fife, recorder and nuvo toot.


We also have tutors in piano, guitar, ukulele and drums from Noise Tuition.

And of course we have Rocksteady who offer children the chance to play in a band environment, on keyboards, guitar, drums or vocals.

It would be wonderful to hear the sound of music being played and enjoyed all round the school so do take a look at the opportunities and hopefully we will have lots of new, budding musicians exploring their talents over the coming year.

Noise Tuition

Noise Tuition are an external company who offer 1 to 1 music lessons during our school day. Last year Nathan from Noise Tuition came into our assembly to show us his amazing piano playing and to encourage more children to take advantage of the piano and guitar lessons they offer in school. For more information visit their website or email the team on

Rock Steady

Rocksteady in-school band lessons are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn new skills, develop friendships and have the time of their life. Parents often find that Rocksteady lessons also boost children’s confidence, wellbeing, and even academic achievement.

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