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Mrs Smith

Subject Leader


The intent of our RE curriculum is to deliver high-quality lessons that inspire all pupils to understand the beliefs of others. We aim to underpin Christian values in all our lessons to inspire all children to learn, express themselves and support their ability to live with one another in harmony. We aim to deliver a cross curricular based learning model with a multi-sensory approach to teaching. We will continue to develop our great relationship with our local partners such as our linked Clergy as this deepens our children’s understanding, questioning and relationships with others in our community. We want to provide opportunities to allow children to explore and question and analyse religion which will help to embed our values including faith and respect.


We follow the Peterborough Agreed Syllabus for RE with support and guidance from the Diocese of Ely, using the scheme Understanding Christianity to support and develop teaching of Christianity.

Religious Education is at the core of everything we do and we plan our curriculum so that we can take every opportunity to view with awe, the wonders of all elements of God's world.

Christianity is taught alongside five other major world faiths and world views including Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Humanism.

RE Education is not about trying to convert young people towards or indeed away from any particular religion.  Instead, we believe that as parents and teachers we have a duty to open minds to our ever-diversifying communities with the sole aim of helping children to develop an understanding and questioning of both their own opinions, faith and values and those of others around them.

We are blessed to have many different faiths and cultures represented within our school community and are proud of the mutual respect and understanding that is evident in school every day.


As a school, we value the fact we have a specialist RE teacher in our school who solely teaches RE across the school. The result of this is an RE curriculum that facilitates the achievement of all our pupils in a multisensory way which allows all pupils to participate and enjoy the subject. Pupil high-interest and enthusiasm for RE as a subject is proof that the teaching and learning in the subject is excellent. Our pupils are confident and able to form their own opinions, ask questions and explore their own belief systems in a supportive, accepting and open way.

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