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School Council


Saint Michael's future leaders (School Councillors) have been working very hard this year ensuring they do the best to promote positive well-being throughout the school. 

They have been given the responsibility to monitor attendance and the class that has the best attendance will be rewarded with 'Michael' the teddy bear. They will get to look after Michael until the following week. 

Furthermore, the house team, that has the most merits, will celebrate with a house party. The future leaders will be organising the event. More details to follow. 

The future leaders have devised safety rules for the new trim trail that was set up. They have monitored the trim trail to check their friends have been using it effectively and safely. 

The leaders are working hard devising new and exciting fundraising idea's to help us by our very own mini bus. Keep tuned and follow them on their journey to success!

We are on our way to take charge and continue to be the best that we can be. 

School Council Co-ordinator

Miss Hussain leads our amazing School Counselor's on their journey to improve our School.

Head Girl

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Hedgehog's Counselor

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Foxe's Counselor

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Puffin's Counselor

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Swallow's Counselor

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Head Boy

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Squirrel's Counselor

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Badger's Counselor

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Kingfisher's Counselor

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Raven's Counselor

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Kite's Counselor

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