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Children Participating in Collective Worship

At St Michael's Church School, we have an incredible group of children in Year 2 and 5 who help us to lead parts of our daily Collective Worship time. See Worship Leaders section.

In addition to this, our children are invited to plan, lead and participate in a Class Collective Worship based on a given theme.

Our children have led Collective Worship based on our School Values and Vision Statement. Each week the children took their value and decided to share with the school how that value could be shown in our school, developing our Christian Distinctiveness.

Our children have also led a Collective Worship based on Global Neighbours. Each week the children had one of the following themes to lead our time together, Water, Food, Climate, Refugees, Peacemakers, Weather, Families, Influential leaders, Health and Medicine, Education around the world and Natural Resources.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, our plans for every class to lead our Collective Worship changed as we had a World Lockdown and had to adapt to using Zoom which made it harder for each class to lead. Once we can return to normality, the children will be invited to lead our time together again.    

Together with their teacher and teaching team, they chose a Greeting and Response, chose an appropriate Bible story, chose their favourite song to sing, exhibited samples of their work, wrote their own prayers, made links to our vision and values and thought of ways to demonstrate their theme through drama, dance, art and role play.   

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