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At ST Michaels Church School, we recognise reading as a key life skill, which underpins access to the rest of the curriculum. We aim for children to read words and simple sentences by the end of Reception, become successful, fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1, whilst developing a lifelong love of reading as they move through school. The systematic teaching of synthetic phonics, is given a high priority throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1. Children need to learn key phonic knowledge and develop skills in segmenting and blending to complete the phonics check at the end of Year 1 and as part of developing fluency in reading. We also value and encourage pupils to read for pleasure and recognise that this starts with the foundations of acquiring letter sounds, segmenting and blending skills – enjoying success and gaining confidence from a positive experience.

  • By the end of Reception, the aim is for all children to have a secure understanding of Letters and Sounds Phases 2, 3 and 4 in the and to be able to segment and blend words within these phases.

  • Children are introduced to the ‘tricky words’ early in the Autumn term in Reception and aim to read and write the high frequency words for Phase 2 to 3 before they enter Year 1.

  • The aim in Year 1 is to ensure all children have completed and are secure in Phase 5 and be ready to begin the Spelling programme upon entry into Year 2.




Skills and Knowledge – Phonics
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PHONICS Phase 3 Soundmat
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PHONICS Phase 5 Soundmat
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  • Mrs Dibden

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