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Caterpillars - EYFS


Foxes - Year 2

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Mrs Shannon Sullivan

Fox's Class Teacher
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Mrs Sandra Atef-Hossaini

Fox's Teaching Assistant ( SEN )
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Mrs Abbie Cartledge

Fox's Trainee Teacher
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Mrs Sam Hanley

Fox's Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Foxes class! In our class we value each other's thoughts and opinions and enjoy working collaboratively. We believe that our class is like a family and we all take responsibility to keep classroom environment clean and tidy. 


Foxes have impeccable hearing; they can hear a clock ticking from 36 metres away. We always demonstrate great active listening skills to the class speaker, trying our best to answer questions or make comments on what we have listened to. 


They are also known to be friendly, curious and playful creatures. In our class we enjoy building new friendships and strengthening old ones. We treat everyone with kindness and respect.


We're going to have the best year in Foxes class! 


Books we are reading

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Books to follow

Contents to follow

Year 2 News

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