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Holy Communion Service

Following on from the Y4 Salvation unit learning about the Last Supper and Y5 Salvation learning about Holy Communion in Church, we invited Reverend Carol to come into school and host a full Eucharist Service. We wanted the children to gain an experience of the service however due to current restrictions it would have been hard to all visit the church.

The children who have taken their Holy Communion through their own church were invited to accept the Holy Sacrement of Jesus' body and blood. All of the children were invited to accept a blessing from Reverend Carol if they wanted, many of the children took that opportunity.

The children helped to lead the prayers and they shared some beautiful words with the group, remembering to say thank you, to ask for help and forgiveness.

In reflection of the service, the children were asked what they enjoyed the most, their responses were amazing:

Aoife - "I feel I am corrected with God"

JD - "It made me feel that God will protect me through the day"

Charlie - "It made me feel safe after it"

Evan - "I liked the blessing because I have never had one before"

Harry - "It made me feel protected"

Erika - "I felt it was very calming"

Chris - "I enjoyed it because it gave us chance to repent our sins"

Olek - "I felt I was part of God's relationship"

Tino - "I enjoyed the fact it was like a real church service and I received the blood and body of Christ"

Navsaaz - "It felt reassuring"

Following this session, one little boy decided he felt he was ready to take his own Holy Communion and on the Sunday he was welcomed into St Michael's Church.

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